Inventory Management System

Inventory is an essential element to achieve business goals. And management of inventory—a stack of required goods— is as important as procuring it. KRV Solutions has introduced this state-of-the-art Inventory Management System that maintains a record of mobilization of inventory. You can track the details of inventory acquisition and dispatch that includes date, time, quantity and cost, by integrating it with existing account and finance systems and Enterprise resource planning software. This way, you can calculate efficiency and wastage of the acquired goods while restoring the information to plan future inventory.

Asset management system that constitutes a part of Inventory management system is a centralized module that allows you to keep track of asset records (list of goods and material) at various branches without needing to deploy individual systems for every centre. 

  • Optimization
  • Vendor management
  • Order & stock history
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Stock management
  • Indent management

Inventory Management System


  • Our Inventory management system streamlines procurement process by optimizing every step involved in it–from planning inventory, vendor selection to placing order, obtaining invoices and making payments. 

Vendor management

  • Manage every detail concerning quotations, capabilities, turnaround times and quality of work of individual vendor and requested purchase order effectively. 

Order & stock history

  • This enables you to access historical data about orders placed and items received. 

Reporting & analytics

  • Generation, transmission and storage of data in system is done on system and reporting is done at ease. Advanced analytics helps generate meaningful information.  

Stock management

  • Monitor complete record of stock details that gives away information about stock availability and potential vendors.

Indent management

  • Indent management involves in identification of requirements at different departments, placing indent requests, receiving approval from respective departments and procurement of requested items. This allows you to track the status of indent.