HR Management System

Human Resource is not just restricted to managing employee records. It also involves many responsibilities to juggle to assist company in many ways possible to stand firm in the competitive market. Our Human Resource Management is an improvement on traditional. It automated operational duties of HR like monitoring applicants and storing of employee data while allowing him to focus on sustaining the competitive job market and lower the learning curve of new joiners.

Organizations can achieve efficiency in terms of productivity and cost maintenance. It is flexible enough to integrate with other software and provides information regarding employee’s contribution in different projects. 

Our Human Resource Management facilitates 

  • Easy employee management
  • Check-in and check-out attendance
  • Leave management 
  • Appraisal 
  • Recruitment
  • API integration

HR Management System

Easy employee management

  • Our Human Resource Management offers flexibility to register an individual personnel or a group of employees using a simple excel format. This makes it manageable and efficient. 

Check-in & check-out made easy

  • Now supervising the total work hours of employees is made easy with our HRMS! Incorporation of attendance management software using API into different types of attendance terminals or GPS based mobile apps for attendance. You can track attendance of your employee at any point of time. This captures check-in and check-out times of the employee along with the photo and time-stamp and the calculation of total work hours is automatically done for future use.

Leave Management

  • Our HRMS helps you manage leaves across organization with no fuss. You can easily keep a track of leaves and holidays at different locations and maintain reports considering multiple parameters. It keeps you fore informed and hence allows you to plan meetings and other activities as per the availability of the employee. 

Working days calendar

  • Our HRMS is pretty adaptable. You can modify working day calendar in accordance with location and set work timings as per shift timings and job requirements. 

API integration

  • Track and maintain accurate attendance as our HRMS integrates Bio-metric device and Geo-tagging mobile app. It also supports different monitoring devices and tools so that you can incorporate ones that fits the bill. 


  • Our HRMS generates performance report in administrator panel for every individual that encapsulates data reflecting his performance and contributions to organization. You can access this data at your fingertips whenever you want and decide on promotions and incentives. 


  • You won’t have to deal with complicated labyrinth of job portals to fetch potential candidates. Make most of our HRMS to recruit qualified individuals as the HRMS is can be linked up with the website which eases posting of jobs and obtaining applications.