Assessment Management System

Assessment helps an individual to evaluate his/her understanding of the concept. The primary purpose of assessment is to identify and improve the areas that require more training. The process can be varied for different organizations and institutions and there is no generic solution for it. We offers customized assessment solution to cater such requirements. It is an online/offline assessment tool that is designed to be adaptable and productive. What it does? Well, pretty much everything you can think of! 

  • Creation of assessment tests through digital medium
  • Making them available on digital devices as per the convenience of the user
  • Allows educators and HR personals to appraise the skills their students/employees through reliable means 
  • Utilization of virtual interaction and multimedia can be done to better the pattern of assessment 
  • Extensive storage of pertaining data and retrieval of the same  

Apart from being a cost-effective and flexible approach, it also assists you to seek new approaches with respect to learning, enhance learning efficiency of students and imparting training by substantiating those techniques to the aspirants. 

Three prime features that constitute our Assessment management system are

  • Advance proctoring 
  • Geo – Tagging enabled assessment 
  • Online/Offline assessment 

Assessment Management System
Advance Proctoring

Advance Proctoring

Supervision of online assessment might seem a difficult, as the interaction with the candidate is not done in person. And, the candidate might exercise this freedom to indulge in malpractice. To restrain the candidate from involving in such acts, KRV Solutions has introduced advanced proctoring in the assessment management system to implement remote proctoring and online proctoring.This is a unique feature that effectively prevents cheating by facilitating supervision by enabling

  • Access to live web image feeds of the candidate to monitor.  
  • Desktop freezing
  • GPS enabled assessment with date and time stamp. 

Also, AMS acquires identity proof, attendance and digital signature of the students for evaluation purpose. Powered by well-defined functions, Advance Proctoring ensures fair supervision for both online and offline assessments. 

Geo – Tagging enabled assessment

It is essential to track the assessment location to proceed with live assessment proctoring on virtual platform. Geotagging feature, which is an integral part of our Assessment Management System that tack the location details with fine precision. Along with geotagging, it also supports geofencing to execute functions of the application.

When you allocate a specific location for the user to take online assessment, as soon as he/she logs in to the system, it captures his identity proof and attendance. Once these details are captured, you can be certain of the identity of the student and supervise the assessment using techniques such as live monitoring and image based proctoring.

Geo – Tagging enabled assessment
Online/ Offline Assessment

Online/ Offline Assessment

We offer transparent and reliable assessment services both online and offline for corporates, educational institutes and government organizations to test the abilities of the students/employees. The advanced proctoring features are made available on the mobile app both for online and offline versions of assessment. This way, assessor can ensure accurate supervision even in case of remote proctoring with no internet. 

Features & Benefits of AMS

  • App based valuations which is user-friendly and is compatible to any Android devices.

  • Stress-free login into the Assessment application with their Individual profiles so that they can monitor their performance.

  • Efficiently displays the learning procedure.

  • Highlights the necessity of supplementary teaching or exercise skills.

  • Assessment is built on limited time and attempts.

  • Assess the performance of the Employee/Student across the Organization.

  • Originate the skill on the Candidate within the Organization.

  • Cutting-edge MIS reports.

  • Screens Exam.

  • Certificate obtainability on close of Assessment.

  • Questionnaire can be in the form of multiple choice, True/False, Fill-in the blanks, and Match the followings.

  • Our online MCQ Assessment Platform is a multifaceted tool that supports various test formats viz. aptitude test and skill tests. It is greatly configurable and supports multifunctional work flow to filter candidates between multiple sections of the assessment.